NEW FOR 2017 FAMILY CAMP.  We are required to ask all camp participants to fill out an Assumption of Risk Form
or a Participation Parental Consent form.  These forms need to be turned in for each member of the family 
before they can receive their activity wristband or participate in family camp activities.

Please complete and sign these forms prior to your arrival and bring them to the family camp office. This will help
facilitate a quicker check in process. 

FOR ADULTS:   Click Here

FOR MINORS: Click Here


Activity Wristband Required 
Purchase your ONGROUNDS ACTIVITY WRISTBAND in the Family Camp Office.
**New 2017 Pricing**
Weekly Rate:  $10 per person or $30 per immediate family 
Daily Rate:      $ 5 per person or $20 per immediate family

Water Activities     1:00 - 5:00 p.m. daily 
Boat Dock:  Canoes, Row boats, Paddle boats, Kayaks

Spencer Lake Swimming Area:  Swimming, Aqua Track, Aqua Glide, The Blob


Outdoor Sports      8:30 - 10:00 a.m. & 1:00 - 6:30 p.m.
These open selection activities are on your own.
All equipment is checked out at the Family Camp Office
Basketball.............Basketball Court 
Disc Golf..............Disc Golf Course (Maps at Camp Office)
Miniature Golf........Near Dining Hall

Obstacle Course....Athletic Field
Soccer..................Athletic Field
Tetherball..............By Sand Volleyball Court
Gaga Ball..............By Basketball Court

Indoor Sports

Carpetball, Pool, Ping Pong, Foosball, Table Games, Video Arcade

BB Gun Range - 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Daily

Basement of Lakeview Cabin #7-12

    Children under 18 must be accompanied by adult.  

    The adult must check out the key at Family Camp Office.

In addition,


  and for VARIOUS AGES  




Sunday, July 2

9:00pm  Bonfire/S'mores....Fire Pit A


Monday, July 3
7:00am  Fun Run/Walk....Auditorium Marquee
1:30pm  Monster Yard Fire Pit A
1:30pm  Toddler Bubble Fire Pit A

3:30pm  Angry Fire Pit A

3:30pm  Teen Only Beach Volleyball....Beach
9:00pm  Glow Mini-Golf ....Mini-Golf Course


Tuesday, July 4
7:00am  Fun Run/Walk....Auditorium Marquee
1:30pm  Slip-N-Slide Kickball....Athletic Field

1:30pm  Toddler Balloon Fire Pit A
1:30pm  Sidewalk Chalk Fire Pit A

3:30pm  Digital Camera Scavenger Fire Pit A
3:30pm  Teen Only Watermelon Fire Pit A

 Wednesday, July 5
7:00am  Fun Run/Walk....Auditorium Marquee
1:30pm  Greased Watermelon....Beach

1:30pm  Toddler Buried Treasure....Beach
3:30pm  Parent/Child Hide-N-Seek....Athletic Field 

3:30pm  Teen Only Human Speedball Field
3:30pm  Trap Shoot **SEE NOTE**  Sign Up, Family Camp Office

9:00pm  Find the Fire Pit A

Thursday, July 6
7:00am  Fun Run/Walk....Auditorium Marquee
1:30pm  Father/Son Flag Football....Athletic Field

1:30pm  Mother/Daughter Kickball....Athletic Field 
1:30pm  Toddler Cardboard Box Fire Pit A
3:30pm Dome
3:30pm  Teen Only Scavenger Food Fire Pit A

9:00pm  Glow Games....Athletic Field 


Friday, July 7

7:00am  Fun Run/Walk....Auditorium Marquee
1:30pm  Pickleball Tournament **SEE NOTE**  Pickleball Court

1:30pm  Toddler Scavenger Fire Pit A
3:30pm  Pudgy Pie Fire Pit A

3:30pm  Teen Only Frisbee Golf....back of Joy Hall
9:00pm  Outdoor Movie Indoors....Auditorium

Saturday, July 8
1:30pm Fire Pit A
1:30pm  Teen Only Gagaball....Gagaball Pit
3:30pm  Accuracy Challenge....Athletic Field
3:30pm  Cookie Fire Pit A
9:00pm  Bonfire/S'mores....Fire Pit A



1.  Trap Shoot is off site and an additional cost.  Firearms provided. 

2.  Pickleball Tournament sign-up in Family Camp Office.  This is a
     doubles competition and signle elimination bracket.