Welcome to the Kids Experience 2017.   Every evening except Thursday evening we will meet in the retreat center with elementary age boys and girls.  This year we will learn how to be good at the two greatest commandments.  We will learn how to Konnect with God and Konnect with our neighbors.   We call it the Neighborhood Konnect Kids Experience.

Also, every morning we will be handing out our 3D Daily Digital Devos.  These are devotional thought you can share as a family.  We will also have a Daily Digital Secret Sauce word that you can tell Pastor Mark in the evening service to win candy.  You can download the Daily Digital Devos here each day and you may just find a little surprise on the website as well.  Maybe that's part of the digital secret sauce, you never know.

In the mornings we review our lessons with our Glue Factory Game Shows.   We will learn to make God's Word Stick!  

The Kids Experience is led by Pastor Mark and Deb Kilcoyne